A variety of workshops are offered by Joyce. Most often they are tailored to the requirement of the attendees either ahead of time or just impromptu! They can include workshops in

  1. NRITTA - Technique of movement
  2. TALA - Rhythm structures and execution
  3. ABHINAYA - Art of story telling using gestures
  4. NATTUVANGAM - Verbal  percussion and cymbal playing for dance
  5. From Ideation to Dance: bringing an idea to life

Brief description of the novices and  beginner level workshops. Details about workshops for intermediate and senior dancers are available upon request.

Session One

1.  Warm up - Includes very simple warm up exercises to get you and your circulation  started.

2.  Yogasanas - Yogasanas that are important for you as a dancer or as an aspiring  dancer.

3.  Dance specific exercises - Strengthening exercises for major muscle groups used  in Indian dances (quadriceps, calves, abdominus rectus, etc)

4.  Pranayama - breathing to ensure your aerobic fitness has another contributing  factor, your breath and its control.

Session Two

1.  Understanding the space around you - Directions, distances, positioning your  body in different coordinates.

2.  Understanding rhythm - different talas, gatis and jaatis. How does your body  react to it? Can you feel it? Or is it all external?

3.  Sensory inputs and how you can mould them into dance (longer sessions of 45-60  minutes each)- Sound, colour, time, tone, music, movement, emotion, feelings,  confusions, frustrations.

Session Three

1.  What does Bharatanatyam mean to you?

2.  The grammar of Bharatanatyam - mudras, mandalas, viniyogas, anga bhedas.

3.  Creating our own story in Bharatanatyam (45 -60 min) - Creation and presentation.

NOTE: These sessions are not in any  particular order. This is just chunks of things that a group can do. I usually  custom create a plan for each audience type given that presentation varies based  on age, goals, fitness levels, prior training, numbers and such.