When one talks of technique it is usually related to a Master or a School of thought. The technique that I use as a baseline is derived from many masters who collectively brought in their expertise to create a school of thought - Kalaskhetra.

The expression of technique is based on the grammar of the 'holy' book of most classical Indian dancers - the Natyashastra. Of the 6,000 sutras that live within 36 chapters, only a few chapters are used by dancers today.  


A repertoire is normally a list of roles, pieces, dramas and such that a performing artist or a company is ready to perform.
Given that definition, I would say that an artist is always replete with pieces they are ready to perform - and that indeed is the definition of an artist.

Other than the traditional 'margam' pieces, I have specifically worked on ideas and concept that have premiered in Seattle over the last 12 years.  A list of these are available in the Choreographic works section.