Joyce is available for talks and lectures. Some of her more popular talks bring her eclectic background in Anthropology, Instructional Design and UX research into play.

More details on available talks and lectures in development is available upon request.

  1. The History and Development of Bharatanatyam as a classical dance form
  2. Kinetics and aesthetics of Nritta - a brief review
  3. Injuries amongst Bharatanatyam dancers
  4. Ancient Art of storytelling – classical dances of India
  5. Abhinaya/Story Telling using the grammar and vocabulary of Abhinaya Darpanam
  6. Kinetics of Movement, Injury prevention and Core Strength amongst Bharatanatyam Dancers
  7. Health, fitness and physique tips for Bharatanatyam dancers
  8. A peek into Indian Classical Dances
  9. Communication through gestures: Relevance in the corporate world
  10. Introduction to Bharatanatyam in relation to Ballet and Jazz