Joyce believes in reaching out to the local community and partner with art education organizations especially South Asian organizations. Whether it is creating a Social Media campaign with Town Hall to save Historical buildings or performing with her students to showcase the traditional Guru-Shishya mode of learning, Joyce has always enabled  

Our Community Partners

  1. Cornish College of Arts (faculty)
  2. Ragamala (performing & organizing Utsav, board and programming committee )
  3. Kirkland Performance Center (board development, performances, auction items)
  4. Spectrum Dance Theatre (faculty, new programs)
  5. Pratidhwani (connecting to KPC, performing, etc)
  6. Tasveer (supporter, festival writer)
  7. Town Hall, Seattle (World in Seattle, Tsunami, Social Media campaign video)
  8. IAWW (programming,volunteering)
  9. Seattle Art Museum (site specific work with exhibits)


  1. University of Washington
  2. Local Dance schools in WA
  3. Lecture demonstrations for art organizations and schools
  4. Donations to Auctions for fundraising
  5. Cornish College